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While most babysitters have their own home and come to visit to take care of their job, this particularly sexy teen blonde babysitter had a unique job that gave her a few special privileges

You see, Jill was allowed to live right in the house. She had her very own bedroom,, very own bathroom and was free to do as she pleased. As long as the job got done.

But what if the job didn’t need to get done, on just one special night?

While the family was out to a movie, Jill found herself home, almost all alone… The handsome father of the household did not want to go to a movie with the rest of the family so he stayed back, thinking he would catch up on some football

but Jill had a completely different plan in mind

Her boyfriend had been sent overseas for the Army and it had been quite some time before Jill got the “attention” she was used to

It wasn’t difficult for Jill to convince her “boss” to give her a little bit of that attention that she was so desperate for

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