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Kendra Lynn ass worship lesson

This lucky bald dude stands nervously in front of Kendra Lynn, her long blonde hair cascading down her back. He’s used to serving as her foot slave, but today she has something else in mind. She smirks at him, knowing he has no idea what’s about to happen.

Kendra raises an eyebrow and motions for him to come closer. “Today, I’m going to teach you how to properly worship my ass,” she says in a seductive tone.

She turns around, revealing a tight pleather thong bodysuit that leaves little to the imagination. The man’s eyes widen as he takes in the sight of her shapely curves. He gulps nervously, unsure if he can handle this task.

Without warning, Kendra bends over and grabs his head, pressing it against her luscious cheeks. “Bury your face between my ass and show me what you’ve got,” she commands.

The man hesitates for a moment before obeying, his nose buried in the soft flesh of her rear end. He inhales deeply, taking in her intoxicating scent. Kendra moans in satisfaction and pushes his face even deeper.

“I know you’re used to worshipping my feet,” she says, running a hand through his hair, “but today, you’re gonna learn a new lesson. You’re gonna worship my ass.”

“You always need to ask for permission,” she tells him firmly. “My ass is a privilege to worship and you should remember that.”

The man nods again and Kendra smirks at him. “It’s so big, isn’t it? Kiss it! Worship it!” she exclaims, pushing his face deeper into her ass.

He eagerly obeys, showering her cheeks with kisses as he worships her like never before. Kendra moans and writhes under his touch, enjoying the power she holds over him.

“You gotta know how to make my ass happy,” she tells him, emphasizing each word.

The man does his best to please her, pressing gentle kisses all over her firm bottom. He runs his hands over her smooth skin, reveling in the feeling of it against his fingertips.

Kendra grinds against his face, moaning in pleasure as she feels his tongue trail along her sensitive areas. She loses herself in the moment, completely dominating and controlling her slave.

After what feels like an eternity, she finally allows the man to catch his breath. “That was amazing,” she tells him with a satisfied grin.

The man is still catching his breath as Kendra towers above him. She stares down at him with a mix of amusement and dominance.

“From now on,” she says firmly, “you will be my ass worshipper.”

The man nods eagerly, grateful for the opportunity to serve such a powerful and beautiful woman. He knows that he will do anything to make her happy and keep her satisfied.

With a final pat on his head, Kendra turns away and walks off, leaving the man on his knees, ready to serve her and her perfect ass for eternity. And as he watches her leave, a sense of devotion and submission washes over him, knowing that he has found his true purpose in life – to worship Kendra Lynn’s ass with all of his heart and soul.

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